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Tura City Guide

Information about Tura City and Guide to Plan Your Trip

Basic Guide to Visiting Tura's Cultural City,

Are you thinking of traveling to Tura? Are you looking for a Tura City Travel Guide or a searching blog on Tura, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India? Do you want to learn about the cultures and traditions of Tura? Are you teaching your kids about Tura? Then this Tura City Guide is for you! There are lots of things to learn about Tura so why not get this “Introduction to Tura” by Biswajit Mahanta that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Tura or understand what Tura is all about 

Tura is a hilly town located in West Garo Hills, Tura district state of Meghalaya in India. One of the second largest towns in Meghalaya, Tura is a valley located at the foothills of the Tura Hills and right below the Tura Peak. The atmosphere in Tura is moderate consistently and has an expansive number of intriguing and unexplored territories. The local god Durama was accepted to live in the slopes. 

The nearest city is Guwahati, Assam neighboring state of Meghalaya around 220 kilometers from the Tura city and is also the district headquarter of the West Garo Hills district. It is stacked up with little rivulets and green valleys all around. The principal languages are Garo, Hajong, Bengali and English. The city has 4 Colleges and a large group of good optional schoolsIn 1973, the City was made the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tura. 

The capital city of Shillong is 323 kilometers from Tura city and can be gotten to by means of transports or the bus helicopter administration. The nearest border of Bangladesh is Dalu and Mahendraganj is situated at a proximity of 50 and 80 kilometers. Tura is a social and regulatory focus of the Garo clans. To visit mainstream traveler goals, for example, Balpakram, NokrekSiju Cave and Pelga Falls one needs to go through this town. 

There are numerous cascades and part of streams in Tura. A portion of the waterfalls is Rongbangdare, Pelgadare, Gandrak Falls and so forth. A portion of the streams is Rangolwari, Nokmawari, Ganol, Dachima and so on.

If you want to know more Information about Tura get a link of Wikipedia to click here

 Tura is located in West Garo Hills, India know more information via Google Map click here

Tura is a Municipality city the number of inhabitants in Tura city is 74,858 of which 37,236 are guys while 37,622 are females according to a record of statistics 2011. The Tura city is separated into 11 wards for which decisions reason. Garo individuals are most of Tura city populace different incorporates Bengali individuals, Hajong individuals, Nepali and Biharis. The number of inhabitants in Garo individuals in the Tura city is 54,750 which makes up 73% of the city populace according to 2011 Indian enumeration. Tura had a populace of 58,391. Guys comprise 51% of the populace and females 49%. Tura has a normal proficiency rate of 7%, higher than the national average of 56%: male education is 70%, and female education is 67%. In Tura, 14% of the populace is under 6 years old.

Tura Municipality has an absolute organization more than 13,743 houses to which it supplies fundamental enhancements like water and sewerage. It is likewise approved to construct streets inside Municipality restrains and force assesses on properties going under its purview.

How do I get to Tura?
The nearest railroad station is in Guwahati, which is around 220 km away. The guwahti railroad station is related to the genuine railheads in India. Tura is related to the urban networks of Shillong and Guwahati by national road NH-40. In Tura,there is no railway network you have to visit by road, Day time Sumo Service from Guwahati at 6:00 am from 8nos railway gate and Overnight transports(Bus) are also available at 8:30 Pm from Guwahati (ISBT) to Tura.

The Garos, who call themselves A·chiks. The Main Residents of Tura are the Garo clan. Christianity is the principal religion, Almost 100% of the Garos are Christians. There are diverse Christian sections like Baptist, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Church of Jesus Christ (COJC), Christian Revival Church (CRC) and so on. The Garos have a matrilineal society.
Aside from the Garos, There are additional varieties of the communities are living, for example, Bengalis, Assamese, Bihari, and Nepali, etc.

Festival of Tura: Wangala is called for 100(Hundred) Drums festival, Wanna, Wanna Rongchuwa a reap celebration
celebrated by the Garo clan, those who live in Meghalaya, Assam and other parts in India and also celebrated Greater Mymensingh in Bangladesh. They express appreciation to the God and Goddess, called Misi Saljong, otherwise called Pattigipa Ra'rongipa (Sun-God), for gift the general population with a rich collection. Wangala is praised in the months from September to December. Beside other Festival also celebrate in Tura like Durga Puja, Bihu, chhath puja, Eid, etc.

Name of the Delicious Traditional Foods: 

  1. Wak Jo.krapa (The recipe made by Pork Fried with Tomatoes)
  2. Na’kam Bitchi (The recipe made by Dry Fish )
  3. Do’o kappa (The recipe made by Chicken Traditional Garo style)
  4. Gal’da Na’kam (The recipe made by Dry Fish with a tangy green vegetable)
  5. Wak Jo.krapa (The recipe made by Pork Fried with Tomatoes
  6. Na.kam Chutney (The recipe made by Dryfish

Local and Meghalaya News Paper: 
  1. The Shillong Times, (for Meghalaya) click here
  2. Meghalaya Guardian (for Meghalaya) click here
  3. Meghalaya Times (for Meghalaya) click here
  4. Rupang, Rupang (for Meghalaya)
  5. Mawphor, Shillong (for Meghalaya) click here
  6. Nongsain Hime, Shillong (for Meghalaya) click here
  7. Peitngor, Shillong (for Meghalaya)
  8. Salantini Janera, (Tura News Paper)

Name of the Hospital Located in Tura:
  1. TuraCivil Hospital- click here
  2. TuraChristian Hospital-click here
  3. Holy Cross Hospital - click here
  4. Tura Maternity Hospital 
  5. Tura Mission Hospital - click here
Education Sector: We know great the expression of Knowledge is Power is the most dominant weapon we can use to it change the world. A word instruction we run over regular a few time. It implies
securing information by learning. Training gives us a piece of information about our general surroundings and changes it into something better. It makes in us a point of perspective on looking. It encourages us to fabricate sentiments and have perspectives on things throughout everyday life. Individuals banter over the subject of whether training is the main thing that gives learning. So far I think that education system in Tura is better than the rural area in West Garo Hills as there is lack of basic infrastructure i.e., Pakka building, computer and Internet on the other hand in Tura City most of the SSLC/HSSLC Schools are well maintained. There are at present in Tura region 58(Fifty-Eight) SSLC Schools 17(Seventeen) HSSLC Schools and 4(four) Colleges. The formal Education system is divided into 3(three) stage (1)Primary School Education (2) Secondary School (3) HSSLC and College. click here for more details
A right to education has been recognized by some governments and also the United Nations. In most regions, education is required up to a particular age.
Some Basic Information during Emergency!

Timezone:  Time zone in Tura, Meghalaya (GMT+5:30) 

Area Code: Tura Telephone STD Code is 03651

Vehicle Registration No: ML-08

Tura Civil Hospital Emergency No: 03651-223871
Tura Head Post Office:  03651 223 790

Police Emergency No: 100, 2224400

Tura F&Es Station : (Mobile) 9436331366

Civil Hospital Tura:  03651-223871

Free Emergency Number: 108 for medical, police and fire emergency services.

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Information and Tura City Guide to Plan Your Trip

Tura City Guide Information about Tura City and Guide to Plan Your Trip Basic Guide to Visiting Tura's Cultural City , ...

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